C.V. romeo kodra

Romeo Kodra _ Photo


  1. Expert Evaluator “EACEA” (Creative Europe), Brussel, UE, November 2015 – Present
  2. Editor and co-founder of “A_K_S Revista”, a blog-magazine on art, culture and spectacle 2013 – Present
  3. Art Curator and Project Manager at “Tirana Art Lab”, Tirana, Albania 2014 – 2018
  4. Invited Researcher at Institut National d’Histoire de l’Art (INHA – Paris) – Program Profession Culture 2016, International Affairs’ Department of Ministry of Culture.
  5. Culture Division Manager – ADRIAPOL INSTITUTE, Tirana Albania / March 2014 – August 2014
  6. Lecturer at Polis University, Tirana, Albania 2011-2013
  7. Member part-time “Teatro Tascabile di Bergamo”, Bergamo, Italy 2008-2011
  8. Lecturer/Tutor “Bergamo University of Studies”, Italy January-May 2008
  9. Editor Co-Founder of “Karasciò. Rivista di Cinema. Letture e Visioni” Bergamo University’s magazine on film criticism 2006-2008
  10. Teacher/Trainer “ANGELS”, School of Dance, Art and Theater, Bergamo, Italy, 2002-2011


  1. Master “Theory, Techniques and Management in the Arts and Entertainment” (Degree Category: Entertainment and Multimedia Productions) Faculty of Human Sciences, Bergamo University of Studies, 2011

Thesis – Theater Chronicles from Biopolitical Maelstrom: Thomas Bernhard.

  1. Bachelor’s Degree in “Public and Institutional Mass Media Communication” (Degree Category: Communication Sciences), Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literatures, Bergamo University of Studies, Italy, 2007

Thesis – Antonin Artaud: A Black Hole in the Universe of Theater.


  1. Albanian (academic)
  2. Italian (academic)
  3. English (optimal)
  4. Spanish (optimal)
  5. Bosnian-Croatian-Serbian (basic)
  6. Latin (basic)
  7. French (basic)


“Skanderbeg Square and TID Tower, Tirana, Albania, by 51N4E”, in The Architectural Review, Issue 1454, Vol. CCIXLIV, September 2018.

“The Mystery of the Albanian Art Between Lines”, lecture in the framework of “Center of Integration”, a collaboration between Tirana Art Lab and Patriotisme. Tirana Art Lab, 24/07/2018, Tiranë, Albania.

“Dall’immagine simulacrale dell’artista all’immagine monumentale del potere politico: Edi Rama, Anri Sala, Edi Hila”, intervento nella giornata di studi “I monumenti nella città contemporanea. Immagini del potere / riflesso del sociale (Balcani-Mediterraneo)”, Institut Française di Firenze, 2018.

“Architectural Monumentalism in Transitional Albania”, Studia Ethnologica Croatica, Vol.29 No.1, Zagreb, Croatia, 2017.

“The art from the Lascaux Caves to COD (Center for Openness and Dialogue). Discovering and discaverning Edi Rama” – DeMaterializacija umetnosti, Serbia, 2017.

“Pyramidal Disclosure. Production of Artistic Subjectivity in Albania”, in “Heroes We Love. Ideology, Identity and Socialist Art in the New Europe“, Maribor Art Gallery Publication, Maribor, Slovenia, 2017.

“Making, producing and resisting. Arts and traumas in Albania: the Boulevard, the Park, the Landfill” – Kadist (France) / Lumbardhi (Kosovo) “Europa Enterprise: On Commoning” seminar in the framework of Nataša Petrešin-Bache­lez’s project “Not fully human, not human at all”, Prizren, Kosovo, 2017.

“The Boulevard: a monument for spectacle consumers.”, conference “Monumentalisation du pouvoire et espace public dans les Balkans et en Mediterranee” – UMR TELEMMe, Fondation Camargo, LabexMed – Aix en Provence, France, 2017.

“Downside Up” – Arbër Elezi, Lori Lako, Igli Marion Exhibition’s catalogue, Tirana Art Lab, Tirana, Albania, 2016.

“Pyramidal Disclosure. Production of Artistic Subjectivity in Albania”, Tirana Art Lab conference The Art of the Socialist Period between Contempt, Fetishism and Transition, Tirana, Albania, 2016.

“Six Dramas – Harold Pinter” – dramatic adviser and editing, Pika pa Sipërfaqe, Tirana, Albania, 2016.

“The Paper Canoe: A Guide to Theatre Anthropology” – translation (from Italian to Albanian) of Eugenio Barba’s book, Tirana, Albania 2015.

“Lost and Found in Transition: Space Between Art and Politics” – Off Biennale Symposium, Budapest, Hungary, 2015.

“Architectural Monumentalism in Transitional Albania” – Symposium Socialist Monuments and Modernism, Blok, Zagreb, Croatia, 2015

“Semantics, Architecture and Urban Planning: Tirana 1925 – 2015” – Forum “Right to the City”, Struga, Macedonia, 2015.

“Proxemic Space in Albanian Architecture and Urbanism: 1925-2015” – Conference “Heroes We Love”, Maribor Art Gallery, Slovenia, 2015.

“Red Punctum” – Catalogue’s text of workshop and exhibition of “Let Us start from the Middle”, Artists: Effi & Amir; Guest Artists: Ergin Zaloshnja, Matilda Odobashi, Driton Selmani, Era Tula and Pleurad Xhafa – Belgium 2015.

“The Chronic” – Exhibition’s Catalogue – ZETA Gallery, Tirana, Albania, 2014.

“Praktika skizogjene dhe proksemia e hapësirës: ‘Blloku’ i Tiranës” in “Polifoni pa fustanellë”, Black Box – University of Arts, Tirana, Albania, 2013.



  1. Double Feature 10 – Jora Vaso & Theo Napoloni“, Tirana Art Lab, Tirana, Albania (co-curator with the artists).
  2. “Silent Performances, or the Ghettization of a City” – Olsi Bogdani, Arens Dobi, Anxhela Shehi, Claudia Imami, Angjelo Sevo, Suela Biba, Emanuela Gjonaj, Marinela Sufa, Frensi Duka, Emanuela Kullaj, in the framework of Artivism project of ArtKontakt, Tirana, Albania (co-curator with the artists).


  1. Heroes We Love –  Partisan Songspiel:  A Belgrade Story“, Chto delat? / Vladan Jeremić & Rena Raedle, Tirana Art Lab, Tirana, Albania (co-curator with Adela Demetja)
  2. Double Feature 6 – Sokol Peçi & Slobodan Stošić“, Tirana Art Lab, Tirana, Albania (co-curator with Adela Demetja and the artists)


  1. “Downside Up” – Artists: Arbër Elezi, Igli Marion, Lori Lako Tirana Art Lab, Tirana Albania (Co-curator with the artists)
  2. “Triple Feature 5 – Çeta / Georgia Kotretsos / Pleurad Xhafa”, Tirana Art Lab, Tirana, Albania (Co-curator with the artists)


  1. “Double Feature #2 – Viola Bittl / Alma Bakiaj”, Tirana Art Lab, Tirana Albania (Co-curator with Adela Demetja and the artists)
  2. “Smoke. Biomechanics of Power – Nico Angiuli”, Tirana Art Lab, Tirana Albania (Co-curator with the artist)
  3. “Double Feature #3 – Elton Baxhaku / Fabrizio Bellomo”, Tirana Art Lab, Tirana Albania (Co-curator with the artists)


  1.   “De-Ludii” – Artist: Ergin Zaloshnja, co-curator with the artist and Miza Gallery, Tirana, Albania
  2. The Chronic” – Artists: Matilda Odobashi / Dritan Hyska, co-curator with the artists and Zeta Gallery, Tirana Albania
  3. Erasure” – Group Exhibition, co-curator and participant with the artists, National Historical Museum, Tirana Albania
  4. Double Feature #1 – Ibro Hasanović / Nemanja Cvijanović”, Tirana Art Lab, Tirana Albania (Co-curator with Adela Demetja)
  5. Concert #3 Continuum – ANTEZ”, Tirana Art Lab, Tirana Albania (Co-curator with the artist)


  1.  “Erasure 2 – A Modest Proposal” – A theater piece inspired by Jonathan Swift’s essay, director and co-dramatist with the actors Alfred Trebicka and Rozi Kostani, National Experimental Theater “Kujtim Spahivogli”, Tirana, Albania, 2015.


  1. “Pierrot Recycling” – Video/Performance, co-artwork with child laborers, Tirana, Albania, 2016
  2. “Gradual”  – Video 4:44, Tirana, Albania, 2016
  3. “The Gut 3 – Pharmakopoeia” – Video 4:20, Tirana, Albania, 2015
  4. “The Artist is not Present” – an open performance (8 hours) to the public participation, Tirana, Albania, 2015
  5. “The Gut Reloaded” – Video/Performance 6:53, Tirana, Albania, 2014
  6. “Living Findings” – Video 4:38, a work realized with the discarded images of the documentarists Elton Baxhaku and Eriona Çami, Tirana, Albania, 2014
  7. “Solarized Brush Strokes” – Video 3:46, a work realized with the discarded images of the documentarists Elton Baxhaku and Eriona Çami, Tirana, Albania, 2014
  8. “Diamo i colori” – Performace/Installation, co-work with Roma community and Eriona Çami, Tirana, Albania, 2014
  9. “Erasure … We Would Prefer Emilio Isgrò” – Mural/Collage, Tirana, Albania, 2014
  10. “The Gut” – Video/Performance 6:22, Tirana, Albania, 2013 (this work is co-produced with studio203 which has released its own version).