Double Feature # 9 at Tirana Art Lab – Center for Contemporary Art. (Adela Demetja)

Double Feature # 9 at Tirana Art Lab – Center for Contemporary Art, organized in collaboration with the Italian Culture Institute Tirana, brings together the works of Italian artist Gabriele Rendina Cattani and Albanian artist Ilir Lluka. The exhibition focuses on the audio-visual practice of both artists, who can primarily be considered as composers of contemporary electronic music. For them, dealing with sound is a way to explore the limits of music in connection with image, language, space and perception. Experimental and at times abstract, their audio-visual works are created using field recordings as well as reality-based elements and aim at challenging and changing the viewers’ reality perception and comprehension.

Ilir Lluka’s audio-visual poem IDYLL (2018) is related to the interconnection between memory and present, and the way in which the environment impulses from the present mix with those memories with similar contexts or aesthetic features and become a single timeless element that is added to personality. In fact for Lluka the concept of personality is a progression of these timeless layers which stack on top of each other during a lifetime, until their full completion at the moment of death. The idyll presented here is what constitutes our own self outside of time. Lluka has used several shots from an Magnetic Resonance Imaging he made some months ago, where different parts of the brain were mapped to specific impulses as well as shots made in the city which were then digitally processed during several months in order to form the storyline of the video. The music has been composed alongside the video, using extensive field-recordings and string instruments processed to the extreme in order to fit the overall context of this work, as well as electronic sounds.

Gabriele Rendina Cattani has developed MI5KOZ 5WEET (2018), a work about infiltration that is the result of different visual, emotional, sonorous and historical experiences gained by the artist during his residency at Tirana Art Lab and resulted into a multilayered, complex, audio-visual installation. The work in space functions as a place where everything is simultaneously invested, a sort of reassembled memory where water serves as the path indicator. The personal experience, the context of an institution like Tirana Art Lab and the in-depth infinite images and stories of the city of Tirana, they all clash visually on the surface of a large print which Cattani created with the help of the architect Beriad Qojle into the walls of the show. Three blu water containers are filled with electrical cables and speakers bought at the chines market play a soundtrack created with digital and analog infiltrations: sounds from everyday routines, a poem by T. S. Eliot in Albanian and English instructions from YouTube on how to find and preserve water.

An email conversation between the curator and the two artists, as a way to reflect on their individual and commune practice, is exhibited as well. The conversation functions as an underlining ground to understand where they come from, where they are now and where they are heading to. Their conversation and the articulation through writing functions as a larger frame in which the exhibition Double Feature # 9 settles and, at the same time, by deciding to present the conversation as part of the presentation, writing and what it contains, is included as a form that amplifies the meaning of display.

It is the balanced combination and the simultaneous coexistence of sounds, images, moving images, objects and text that creates the dimension in which the exhibition reaches its integral form and provides the possible ground for impact, communication and negotiation.

Gabriele Rendina Cattani (born 1990 in Roma) is an Italian artist who predominately makes soundtracks: immersive computer-generated compositions focused on limits and boundaries of a digital sound environment, and how it could influence our memory and our surrounding comprehension. Cattani, from 2011 to 2016, studied Music Composition at the Conservatory of Santa Cecilia Rome and at Institute for Music Research, Civica Scuola di Musica Claudio Abbado Milano, Italy. He holds a double Master in Fine Arts and Music Theory from Ecole National des Arts Decoratifs and E.H.E.S.S. Paris, France. His compositions and site specific audio-visual installations have been showed among others in institutions and culture spaces in such as: Musée National des Arts Asiatiques Guimet Paris, France; Musée de Minéralogie de l’École des Mines Paris, France; Carreau du Temple Paris, France; Dôme FesAval #2, Montbazon, France; Auditorium Lattuada Milan, Italy; ART OR SOUND, Ca’ Corner della Regina, commissioned by Fondazione Prada, Venice, Italy; MACRO – Museum of Contemporary Art Rome, Italy; Auditorium Parco della Musica Rome, Italy. Gabriel Rendina Cattani is part of the non-profit organization RepertorioZero.

Ilir Lluka (born 1984 in Tirana) is an audiovisual artist and electronic music composer from Tirana, Albania, active in the field of drone, experimental music. While his academic studies were developed outside of arts (majored in political sciences and international relations at University “Nostra Signora Del Buon Consiglio” in Tirana), Lluka studied on his own the techniques of sound design and synthesis in their academic and practical level. He is also the author of several software synthesizers, some of which are available for public use. Besides the albums/EPs, Lluka has also composed music for installations and experimental cinema and performed live in cultural spaces as: The National History Museum in Tirana, Albania; International Sound Art Festivals Poesia Carnosa Rome, Italy; MainOFF Festival Palermo, Italy; Kinisi Festival Santorini, Greece, etc. His audio-visual works have been presented in international exhibitions such as “Remembering in Form”, Galerie Heike Strelow Frankfurt/Main, Germany; “Muslim Mulliqi Prize 2016”, National Gallery of Kosovo; “Onufri XXII“, National Gallery of Arts of Albania; “Mediterranea 18: Young Artists Biennale”, Tirana, Albania. Ilir Lluka was the winner of “Onufri XXII” International Prize for Contemporary Art in 2016.

Images: Eno Goxha / TAL

Tirana Art Lab – Center for Contemporary Art
Double Feature #9
Gabriele Rendina Cattani & Ilir Lluka
Curated by Adela Demetja
Opening Saturday 21 April 2018, 7 p.m
21.04.2018 – 02.06.2018

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