TAL TALKS # 1 (Romeo Kodra)

Tirana Art Lab 22 maj 2015
Seminar: “Arti midis reflektimit tё pushtetit politik dhe rezistencёs kreative”.

3 mendime mbi “TAL TALKS # 1 (Romeo Kodra)

  1. Dear Friends,

    Just ended the press conference between, our Prime Minister, Edi Rama and Prime Minister of Serbia Aleksander Vucic, a historical event for the Balkans that haven’t experienced such high level exchanges since 68 years.

    Prime Minister Rama opened this conference, followed with great sensitivity by highest European representatives and all Balkan people by saying:

    “We are at the Palace of Brigades for a first event of such level. There is a precise reason, why this event is not taking place at the Prime Ministry of Albania. Works are going on there, because we will open the Prime Minister’s Office very soon to the public!”

    I may be behind some messages and phrases of the press conference’s text, but I ensure you I was not behind this one. Behind this one is a much better writer, the Prime Minister-)

    So in these final days that run fast toward the finish line:

    (finishing construction works in the building by the 15 of June;

    completing e-tests for digitised documents and photos, projections tests, online services, web-page, remaining installations, filling shelves with books by 25 of June.

    finishing installation of art works, clarifying scholarships, completing gift shop, finishing up and rehearsals-) by 30 of June.

    Just two very exceptional exceptions!; installation of Thomas Demand works and Philippe Parreno’s work to be done at latest 2-5 July. As these are in any case conditioned by all other works to end.

    I wanted to share with you this message that I think is about each of us engaged in this project or any of you aware of it since months.

    I wanted to share it also because, in an international press conference of such level nothing is said par hazard or whatever reason, so I think, this message is a bit to everyone that has a contribution in the opening of the PM Office to the public, showing the trust and confidence in all of us.

    So, for those we work together day by day in this, please please rich me anytime, ask whatever needed so we have no issue, please programme your work, and let us just achieve the State of Art, that this team, this project, and the courage of openness and dialogue deserves.

    The Prime Minister would not have mention it if he didn’t believe we would make it and if he didn’t believe that this is a unique international project, about a new vision of governance, of dialogue, and a totally different, very advanced standard of transparency and participation in Albania and beyond.

    I am so happy to have been working with each of you in this, sorry for whatever troubles caused by our “as of yesterday deadlines and limited means.”

    I can’t wait for moment, we meet each other at the entrance-))



    dr. falma fshazi

    Associated Member CETOBAC-EHESS – 190-198 Avenue de France 75244 Paris cedex 13

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